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IMG-20170518-WA0033Dear colleagues,

It is my immense pleasure to meet all our members through our website. I am extremely happy and applaud you all too, for being the member of this valuable association. As we know this is an age of networking where we have to be ahead by all means and we will, not only in communication but in all areas of concerns of our members and alliance at large. Mutually ‘keep in touch’ is necessary in construction of a strong association. It not only strengthens the relationship but also infuses the energy in active members as well as paves the way for rapid information dispersion which is necessary for our association’s decision making and proceedings.

Hoping your continuous support,

With best wishes,

Dr.K.S. Napalchyal


General Secretary

IMG-20170518-WA0034Dear colleagues,

At this point in time I call for your lively contribution which will improve the confidence and competence of the association. We can exchange the information from and to the association or office bearers. We can be active through live contribution by your presence in various gatherings. Our Association is of the members, by the members and for the members. By this website we wish to communicate among members and share the issues, problems and actions in a transparent manner. Your Constructive discussions and valuable suggestions will help out of in solving common problems.

You all know we timely and consistently raise, respond and appropriately represent the issues of our concern in democratic way and I assure you the same for coming time. You are our strength and source of inspiration.

Hoping your continuous support,

With best wishes,

Dr. Hardev Singh Rawat


 Senior Vice President

IMG-20170518-WA0054Friends to dayI would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to our association’s team members that we have made online presence in this virtual world of technology. Cooperative proceedings need strong leadership traits among the leaders. Association team members have demonstrated it and we all are hopeful to expand it further. At the same instance we all require to make stronger our intra-communication and I am sure we all will provide enthusiastically. 

Hoping your continuous support,

With best wishes,

Dr. Navin Chandra Joshi

(Senior Vice President)


Science & Cultural Secretary

Dear Colleagues,

20150214_222052-2As we all know our team has decided to expand the horizons of our activities beyond service matters. Now we want to revive such activities in the form of Social, Scientific and Community Services. Research is the prime need of contemporary Ayurveda, but modern research on Ayurveda has not been very worthwhile for Ayurveda itself. In compare, Ayurveda needs research designed to test and validate its elementary conception as well as its treatments. Ayurveda though having a sturdy prospective is not adequately valued. If well implemented, it could fulfill the needs of the nation. Ayurveda should not be reduced to being an ‘Alternative’, at least not in its own country.

Scientific studies cannot make progress without the publication of research findings. Ayurveda is not just a herbal medicine, but a science of life with a holistic approach to health and personalized medicine. Integrative approaches will facilitate the present quest for evidence based Ayurveda for affordable and safe healthcare.

I request all for your active participation through sharing your clinical experiences, research publications and documentation of innovative clinical success stories. If you have any innovative idea/success story/ publication, kindly share with the whole community !!!

Hoping your continuous support,

With best wishes,

Dr.Swastik Jain

(Science and Cultural secretary)



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