Aims & Objectives

We as a service organization; holding together the medical officers serving in Uttarakhand State Government Health Services, to motivate it’s members to strive , to seek and to achieve the highest ethical standards wherever they are and to protect and ensure their rights. The organization and its members work together for the medical welfare and sustenance of health of people of Uttarakhand.

The aim of the association is to safeguard the interest of its members and work for the benefit of the Society at large. Few of the dreams have come true. More than that, the association has given the courage to see newer dreams. Many things have been achieved till now, lot more has to be done.

Regular interaction with the members and also with the authority to implement the assured quality services and also streamlining of career progression. Improvement and development within the sub cadre by taking innovative actions is the need of hour. Strengthening the unity within the cadre by adopting relentless exercises to keep the cadre aware of the developments, involving them into cultural activities and also other continuous medical and non medical educations. We would be working to increase the self esteem and establishment of strong and bondage among our members. Now our focus will be on cooperation with the authority to dispel the notion of discrimination within the cadre.

The Pledge

We do hereby reaffirm our full faith in the Government Ayurvedic Medical Services Association Uttarakhand and declare that we will implicitly abide by all the directions and decisions duly taken by the association from time to time.

We undertake to refrain from any activity likely to undermine the unity and dignity of the association.

Jai God Dhanvantari !


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